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CETraC Future

The Spirit of Turtle

In Japan, the turtle is a symbol of longevity. Although it is small, it is also lean and thrifty, helping it live well and long. The tale of the turtle and the hare tells us that the turtle wins the race against a faster opponent by moving continuously at a steady pace. For us, the turtle symbolizes our value of continuous and steady growth, continual growth that enables us to live long (and well) regardless of organization size.

Also taking from the turtle concept, we have adopted a lean organizational structure that allows employees make timely decisions, then take prompt actions to solve problems as they occur in the day-to day operations of business, while constantly improving productivity.

 Organizations and Human Resource Excellence on Global Stage

The turtle shell symbolizes our goal to support the development of organizations and human resources in order to enhance the global society. Our chief (company mission) aim is to design the best solutions for human and organizational development worldwide, while creating highly competitive and resilient organizations with exceptional talent, where people truly feel “the joy of purposefulness at work” and “the happiness of fulfilled living”.