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Management Team

At CETraC Limited, our focus lately has been mainly on growth and its multidimensional complexities.  If you manage to comprehend the importance of team management, as a part of organisational growth, you can greatly improve your company’s overall performance. The main concept behind our growth, though, is the human factor.  Without which none of it would be possible. Orchestrating our growth is one thing; building a solid team that is up to the task and can cooperate with each other harmoniously, is another.  Inside CETraC Limited, the majority of tasks cannot be completed by one person alone. Hence our true leadership understands the importance of collaboration in the workplace.


Rose Amesawu(CFME)

Operations Manager   

Martin Kofi Sewornu

Human Resource Manager

Grace Adoma

Head, Administration

Mrs. Melody Gunn

Head, Human Resource Advocacy