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Founders Message

Dear CETraC Clients and Employees

Being the founder of CETraC Limited allowed me a unique opportunity.  It allowed me to dream…to create a vision for what I think a company should look like and how it should operate without any history, baggage or constraints.  I was able to establish the values that have personal meaning to me and set out upon that course.

Although I didn’t know if the dream would come true, I believed it would.  I believed that with the right team, we could create an award-winning company with a culture that keeps our people engaged and joyful.  I also realized that achieving the vision to the fullest would be a journey that would never end, because CETraC Limited is alive and will continue to develop.

From a single individual consultant in 2017, to a company that worth the value in revenue, we averaged 100% growth during that first five years.  We have earned many trusts for this growth at the same time we have been profitable every year and have zero debt. We are very proud of the fact that we grew CETraC Limited with the image of a big business in mind, therefore paying special attention to growing our infrastructure in parallel with our revenue.

Our internal systems to include financial, performance, time keeping, and sales match those of companies many times our size, validated by our certification which we received.  

"Great achievements are not achieved in leaps and bounds, but rather by edging forward just a little bit more every day." (Dr. David Ackah, PhD)


A company’s competitive edge lies in its ability and desire to evolve; to keep abreast of advancements in the industries within which it operates; to innovate; and to dream big. These ideals sparked the genesis of the CETraC Limited.

In 2019 during COVID19 Pandemic, Africa were in the grip of a financial crisis. It was during this time, when many businesses were plagued by uncertainty and change, that a young entrepreneur saw opportunities instead. At a time when the internet was in its infancy and the notion of online training, e-learning, recruitments, research & organization feasibility studies, still in its gestation and virtual assistance, this young entrepreneur, decided to start his own brand of online training & capacity building, talent search & human resource recruitment, e-learning, research & publication, and virtual consultancy service, an endeavour that eventually has grown in scope and vision to become the CETraC Limited.

Today, CETraC Limited, headquartered in Accra-Ghana, is a diversified multinational entity with a wide range of Centers which includes: CETraC Training & Capacity Building Center (TCBC), CETraC Human Resource Center (HRC), CETraC Advisory Consulting Services Center (ACSC), CETraC e-Learning Center (CELC) and CETraC Research & Publication Center (Dama Academic Scholarly & Scientific Research Society).

We keep pace with exponentially-growing technology and expand through tactical investments leading to the creation of interrelated ventures, services and products that take the CETraC Limited across the globe. We understand the value of holistichuman development. Not just through financial aid but through empowering, developing and finding solutions for the relevant industries. Some of our primary areas of focus include lifestyle, education, travel, tech andentrepreneurship.

A company’s ability to innovate to tap into fresh, value-creating ideas of its employees and those of its partners, customers, suppliers, and other parties beyond its own boundaries, is a core driver of growth, performance, and valuation.

At the CETraC Limited, innovation and a culture of excellence are practiced in all aspects of management, starting at the leadership. The CETraC Limited is led and guided by a talented young man of who is our Founder.

CETraC  Services

We offering comprehensive business solutions that provide training & capacity building programmes, human resource management (recruitment and talent search), advisory & consulting services, e-learning, and research & publication as an individual or blended solution in today’s challenging economic times. Learn more about our various solutions below:

Advisory and Consulting 

Training and Capacity Building 

Recruitment and Talent Search

Electronic Learning.

Research and Publication

CETraC Clientele

CETraC Accreditation

CETraC Training courses can be accredited by these (and other) top global awarding bodies on request

The explosive growth of the middle class in many emerging economies has created a new class of discerning consumers who are sophisticated, knowledgeable and aware.

The access to additional, disposable income has transformed lifestyles as upper middle-class consumers are more willing to pay a premium for quality products. This includes a growing awareness about the impact of the products they consume, or the ability to afford certain types of luxury products that signify a status symbol.

Through strategic investments in establish international businesses, the CETraC Limited is expanding our footprint into businesses that help people live the life they want.

CETraC  Consulting Team

Center for Excellent Training & Consultancy (CETraC) has eleven (11) full time professional consultants in various fields. Depending on the assignment, CETraC also draws consultants from the main experience organization and universities of over sixty (60) lecturers. Additionally, our collaborative arrangements with other partner consulting firms, both at home and abroad, offer a profound mix of cultural and professional diversity. This in effect, guarantees a multi-disciplinary approach and a global perspective in handling our clients’ needs

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