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CETraC Heritage

We plot our future by understanding our rich past. We have built this business around a willingness to boldly adapt and reinvent ourselves. The world has changed in remarkable ways over the last century. Along the way, we have changed in ways that are every bit as remarkable.

From the outside, it would seem as though today’s CETraC has little in common with our humble roots. Nothing could be farther from the truth.  While today’s company spans the globe and is a leader in several industries that seem to be a radical departure from where it all began, our history and the principles established long ago explain who we are today and why we are still here nearly years later.

CETraC has always been bold, we have fearlessly pursued opportunities and adapted more quickly than the world around us. Throughout it all, we have succeeded. We will never stray from our commitment to serving our customers, creating career opportunities for our employees around the globe, improving the global community that we operate in and providing shareholder value.

We honour our heritage by staying true to who we are. It means serving our customers with a commitment to quality, value, and service that has stood the test of time. It means moving forward without ever forgetting where we came from.