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Vision, Mission & Values

In next years, CETraC will continue to offer quality training and capacity building, human resource support, e-learning, and advisory consulting service support to organization across the globe that wish to strengthen their capacities in the thematic area for development. CETraC will continue to ensure that its technical support aligns with the organizational normative frameworks, vision and strategies on quality training and capacity building, human resource support, e-learning, advisory consulting service support as per the continental strategy for global organizational development, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Some of the challenges we aim to tackle include training and capacity building, human resource support, e-learning, and advisory consulting service. CETraC’s vision for the next five years further aims to ensure continued close coordination and cooperation with global organization aim for development.

CETraC Vision

Our vision is to become a world-class accessible organizational development center across the globe in a multi-cultural environment.

CETraC Mission

Our mission is to provide relevant and organizational development to our clients at affordable price in today’s competitive business environment.

 CETraC Core Values

Prominence: Enthralling the hearts of others through distinction

  • Prominent People: Have the strength of a warrior, who is a match for thousands. Work like a president, party like a king, learn like a child.
  • Prominent Service: Create an impact through CETraC original training techniques by “designing the best human and organizational development solutions”
  • Prominent Company: Even a small organization can be important! Winning without fighting is the greatest tactics. We aim to be the role model of other organizations around world, so that they say “We want to be like CETraC!”

Professional: Doing what you love passionately to earn money is the greatest pleasure

  • Master: Be first-class. It is said that it takes over ten thousand hours of focused effort to become a professional! Ningenryoku (human power)!
  • Give it your best: Be earnest! Don’t give up! Don’t be lazy!
  • Win: Self-efficacy & Self-esteem (social capital)

Proactivity: Showing initiative, moving forward and being ahead

  • Creating Enterprise: Innovation! Swallow your pride and try new things! If you are 60% sure then move forward!
  • Creating Demand: Have a wide perspective and make preparations to react to any situation.
    When deep in fall prepare for winter
  • Discovering client needs through CETraC Centre’s! It is important for us to help our clients to be aware of their needs!

Progress: Adapt and orient to evolve to the next stage. Unreasonable demands are the catalyst for growth!

  • Be competitive! Competition creates progress!!
  • No growth without introspection! Write down the things you notice and learn.

Profit: Enriching people! Enriching organizations! Enriching society!

  • Enriching individuals: Be financially sound to be morally sound! (Our thinking is that a financially sound organization will have less incentive to commit misdeeds)
    Stand out! Become the trendsetter!
  • Enriching organizations as well: Profit is the most important requirement. Work towards maximizing profit in any situation! BEP = 70%
  • Contribute to society through sustainable management: One of our motto is “Clean break from misdeeds, raise profits, lasting entity” to contribute to human development, growth, and education in the world! Increase social capital.

CETraC Corporate Beliefs

Safety and Environment: Placing top priority on safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation in order to protect the safety and health of employees, customers and local communities and contribute to building a sustainable society

Ethics and Fairness: Acting with fairness, high ethical standards and a strong sense of responsibility while complying with laws, regulations and social norms to earn trust and meet social expectations

Customer-Focus: Providing solutions of high value to customers, and pursuing customer satisfaction and the world’s highest level of quality

Innovation: Achieving continuous innovation in all corporate activities, and aiming for dynamic evolution and growth

Workplace Competency: Learning from one another and making self-driven efforts to leverage technologies and expertise in order to strengthen workplace competency, which is the foundation of our corporate activities

Cooperation and Co-creation: Forming integrated internal linkages and strategic alliances with external partners, and evolving together with society by creating new value

Emphasis on Human Resources: Providing motivating work environments where employees can demonstrate their abilities, and building a vibrant corporate culture

Information Disclosure: Appropriately disclosing corporate information and enhancing communication with stakeholders in order to maintain management transparency

Respect for Human Rights: Fulfilling our responsibility to respect human rights as a good corporate citizen