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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Center


CWASH Centre of CETraC Limited is established to provide technical and professional services for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) infrastructure in Climate Resilience and Flood Control Management, Healthcare facilities, Institutions and Schools, Design and Construction Supervision of WASH and Civil Engineering Projects as well as Research and Training Services.

CETraC Limited is incorporated and certified to commence business under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) of Ghana. Though young but thriving well in the WASH sector, the Centre’s Consultancy and Training Department has competent team of professional experts with wide range of expertise to provide solutions for sustainable global project needs and achieve client satisfaction.

CWASH Mission

CETraC is committed to the advancement of a sustainable Ghanaian and global WASH infrastructure network and human resources, achieving excellent results for our clients through professional excellence.

CWASH Objectives

  • To combine all applicable problem-solving skills and softwares in providing humanitarian and development (WASH) solutions that are climate resilient, functionally sound, economically feasible, technically practical, socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable while maintaining a commensurate standard of professional excellence.
  • To provide staff-oriented development for the Company to ensure achievement of individual goals so as to achieve satisfaction both for the Company and individual personnel.

These objectives are accomplished through a broad range of complementary capacity building, research and knowledge management activities including the following:

  • Provision of technical support to Government Agencies; Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs), NGOs, the private sector, and donor agencies on issues relating to project formulation, project design and project management in respect of climate, WASH and Civil works;
  • Promotion of applied research relevant to climate and development issues relating to community needs assessment, community engagement and behavioural change communication and development of technologies for low-income areas;
  • Development and conduct of training programmes for WASH sector projects with special emphasis on training of trainers, development of supportive literature and resource kits to support transfer of training skills;
  • Maintenance of close links with high learning institutions such as universities and involvement in training of undergraduate and graduate students.

CWASH Key Area of Operations

Broadly, CETraC undertakes activities in the following key areas of operations.

  • Project Planning: Including project formulation; prefeasibility and feasibility; conceptual analysis.
  • Engineering Design: Including Residential and Industrial Buildings; Sustainable Rural/Small Towns WASH Services; Pro-Poor Water Supply Systems; Pro-Poor and Urban Sanitation; Climate Change; Solid Waste Management; Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Sludge Management; Water Safety Planning; Environmental Sanitation Systems (Household and Institutional toilets); Road Networks; Dams and Irrigation Systems; Urban Drainage Systems; Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • Construction/Project Management: Including Project Supervision and Technical Assistance; Procurement and Preparation of Tender Documentation, Cost-Benefit and Risk Analysis; Cost Management; Contract Administration and Management during Pre-design, design, Construction and Post-construction Phase; Quality Control and Management, Health and Safety.
  • Technical/Research Studies and Training: Including Land and Topographic Surveying; Geographic, Geotechnical Studies, hydro-technical and water management; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; Baseline, Endline and Formative Studies; Applied Research; Capacity Building in WASH.