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Dr. Gabriel Odeh Apotey (PhD)

Dr. Gabriel Odeh AppoteyBanking & Finance Consultant

Dr. Gabriel Odeh Apotey was born on March 2, 1983 in Somanya and a Christian who fellowship with The Apostolic Church of Ghana, Apotey is a Part-Time Lecturer at Institute of Project Management Professionals and holds a Bachelor in Educational Psychology (University of Cape Coast, Ghana), MBA in Accounting (Wisconsin International University College, Ghana), Doctoral Fellow (CIMS, USA), PhD. in Finance (The University of America, California) and PhD. in Management (Akamai University in Hawaii, USA). Apotey has two (2) books to his credit and has authored four (4) articles published in International Journals particularly in the USA and India.

He is the former Branch Manager of Upper Manya Kro Rural Bank Limited – Somanya and a Part-Time Lecturer at Institute of Project Management Professionals, Ghana and serve as a Council Member of the Institute. He is also the Deputy Director of Finance and Project Administration (FPAC) at the IPMP. Dr. Gabriel Odeh Apotey is a native of Yilo Krobo (Somanya) in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He has been with the Bank for the past 10 years and served on several Management Committees of the Bank.

Based on his professional output and corporate experience, Gabriel Odeh Apotey was appointed Acting Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Upper Manya Kro Rural Bank Limited effective on 1st March, 2019 by the Board of Directors of the Bank. The appointment of Dr. Apotey whose expertise ranges from Project Valuation and Financing, Rural Banking, Staffing Psychology, Corporate Security Management, Strategic Coaching, Branding Psychology, Emerging Investment Decisions, Economic Reengineering, Financing Taxation and Advance Human Networking was undoubtedly especially with his ten (10) years stay with the Bank.

He is a Certified Business Consultant, Certified Global Business Analyst, Certified Project Management Consultant, Member of Ghana Association of Restructuring & Insolvency Advisors, Chartered Financial & Investment Analyst (South Africa & Ghana), Policy Analyst (PIED-Ghana), Chartered Manager (CIMS, USA), Professional Business Accountant (Canada), Certified Economist (Ghana) and a Certified Public Accountants (England /Wales). He holds membership in several professional bodies both locally and internationally. Locally he is a member of Chartered Institute of Banker (CIB), Ghana Institute of Planners (GIP), Fellow, Chartered Financial & Investment Analyst (F.FIA), Fellow, Institute of Project Management Professionals (FPMP), Chartered Professional Administrators (Ch.PA), and Chartered Management Consultants (CMC).